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Learn to Scuba Dive!!!

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Time to get into diving again.. We have a great set up to get you started. If your already certified awesome.. Come in for a refresher and specialty course.

Let Diving be your year around get away!!

Why you should learn to Scuba Dive

Have you ever pictured yourself scuba diving?

1. It’s easier than you might think
Scuba diving is not an extreme sport, as many think. The only skills you need are being able to swim and… breathing! When you go for your first dive, you are followed by an instructor who explains everything you need to know. Once you get into the water, you cannot feel any of the weight of the equipment. You just need to remember to equalize your ears (pinch your nose closed and gently breathe out against your nostrils) and not to stop breathing.

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Learn to Scuba Dive!!!
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