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ARE YOU READY!!! Dive season is starting
water is warming up and time to get wet.
Make sure you have your gear serviced. B & W DIVE CO. can do that for you.
Or trade in that old gear from something new. We have trade in deals to get new Oceanic gear for 20% off when you trade up.
Come in and let us get you back in the water. Been a few years, no problem. We have refresher courses every week.
We have serveral new lines: SEAC, Atomic, Bare and Stalhsac bags.
Come in and see all the new gear!

Time to service gear

Yes, It is that time of year again to have your gear serviced before you head out to for Spring Break.
Don't wait to late to have the gear serviced. If you gear is too old not to worry. We have a trade it up program and get 10% off new gear when you trade in your old equipment.
Remember this is not a time to be cheap. This equipment is your life support system. What is your life worth... more than that cheap junk you have had or bought off craiglist for $100.
Come in have your regulators serviced for $95.

Service Your DIVE GEAR

Hi Everyone,
  Time to get diving. Weather is warm and the water is feeling just right. Come in and Get your dive gear serviced. You should service your regs and bc every year.  Dive Gear to Old no worries, it maybe time to get new gear.
We have great deals on all gear. Come out to B & W DIVE CO. 16222 East Freeway, Channelview, TX 77530. (281) 452-3887

Diving with a Buddy

Straight from Diver Training:
Novice and veteran diver a like: Never, ever underestimate the importance of diving with a buddy. Like in any popular endeavor, diving has its share of tragedies. BUT most often they are avoidable. Not so sure? The next time you read about a dive tragedy, find out if the victim was diving with a buddy or diving alone. Most every time, you'll learn the diver was exploring alone, without someone to share air, or otherwise provide assistance. Do yourself a favor and always enjoy diving with a buddy.

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