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10 things to Avoid as a new scuba diver

1. Skipping the Buoyancy Check
Whether you are over-weighted or under-weighted while diving, it happened because you didn’t do a buoyancy check at the surface. If anything has changed since your last check — weight loss or gain, new wetsuit or different thickness, fresh water instead of  salt water, new or different BCD — then you need to do another one to make sure that you’re weighted properly. The wrong weights can cost you precious energy and air at best, or cause an out-of-control ascent at worst.

Scuba Diving Summer Sale

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Great deals on Oceanic Dive Computers.

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Scuba Diving Computer Summer Sales

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 We have awesome summer deals on Scuba Diving Computers.

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Time for Summer Scuba Diving Vacations

Scuba Diving Near Me - B & W DIVE CO.
Summer DIVE Time!!!!
It is that wonderful time of year, SUMMER TIME. Kids are out of school. Time to take a Vacation your self. Come in and get Certified for Open Water Scuba Diving with B & W DIVE Co.
Don't forget to service your scuba equipment. Sitting up for a year can cause the o-rings to dry up and your regulators to stick open. Bring in your scuba diving gear & we will get you serviced and ready for your Summer Scuba Diving Vacation.

Why you should learn to Scuba Dive

Have you ever pictured yourself scuba diving?

1. It’s easier than you might think
Scuba diving is not an extreme sport, as many think. The only skills you need are being able to swim and… breathing! When you go for your first dive, you are followed by an instructor who explains everything you need to know. Once you get into the water, you cannot feel any of the weight of the equipment. You just need to remember to equalize your ears (pinch your nose closed and gently breathe out against your nostrils) and not to stop breathing.

Time to Learn to Scuba Dive

Come in and learn to scuba dive with the best. We have the most flexible schedules. Let us know when you want to take your scuba diving classes.
Not just for open water. We any dive course. Set to your schedule. Advance Open Water, Enriched Air and much more!
Classes start every day. Open water scuba diving includes your study materials. COME IN TODAY!!
Receive 10% off gear when you start your open water course in March 2014.
16222 East Freeway
Channelview, TX 77530


Come in and book your vacation today!:
Here are some of our up coming trips. PALAU 2015 is a MUST!!!
Cozumel- June 7-14, 2014-
Air, Hotel, 5 days 2tank diving $1600 per person
Florida- Panama City Beach, FL 2014
August 14-17, 2014 $675 a person
Palau- April 17-26, 2015
Air, Hotel (Oceanview), 5 days diving, Enriched Air $4500 per person
Fiji- Land and Live-A-Board- 2017
TBA- Est. $3500 per person
See you Soon!!

Gift Giving Time B & W DIVE Co.

It's that time of year for gift giving and diving. B & W DIVE Co. has an amazing selection of diver equipment and snorkeling gear. Stop by and get your diver or soon to be scuba diver a great gift. We have awesome gift certificates for that hard to shop for family member and friend.
Come see the selection of SCUBA regulators and BCDS. We have just what you need.
See us online
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16222 East Freeway
Channelview, TX 77530


Come in for the Black Friday Scuba Sales.Great Dive Computers on Sale and Lavacore wet suits on Sale for Black Friday. Sale begins November 22 - Dec 3. Come in!
We have a full selection of Wet Suits 3mm-7mm. Dry Suits and much more. Come in and get warm with a new suit.
B & W DIVE CO. is getting ready for our 2014 Dive Season. Come in and check out our dive travel for 2014. We have Gulf Dive Trips to Carribean Trips and Don't Forget Palau for 2015. Put your payment down now.


Are you ready to dive? We are ready to head to Flordia for some great diving. Let us help you set up your next dive trip!! Lets Play.
B & W DIVE CO. can certify you or plan your next dive trip or both!!
Come in and see us today. We have a super friendly staff.
See you soon,

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